250 Nordic Surselva

18.6 km
2:00 h
92 mhd
385 mhd
Nordic Surselva
Dem Rhein entlang

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dem Rhein entlang
On cross-country skis through alder forests or over open fields - and always along the Rhine.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1182 m
Lowest Point  847 m
Best Season

Start Disentis
Destination Trun
Coordinates 46.702327, 8.854938


long-country skiing along the Rhine is a pleasure for young and old, for beginners and experts. With all loops there are over 30 km of trails, prepared according to the latest technology, classic and skating. (Disentis - Trun- Disentis)

The runners start in Disentis, at the Klosterhof in Salaplauna. After a first loop on a large meadow, a sporty descent down to the Rhine follows. The quiet sound of the water is from now on a constant companion, the trail runs sometimes on the left, then again on the right side of the Rhine and leads through alder forests and over flat meadows. In Surrein there are refreshment stops and in Trun you can still enjoy culture. Because next to the track is the Senda d'Art, where remarkable art objects by various local artists can be seen in the great outdoors.

If you still have enough energy, you can walk from Trun back on skis to Disentis. For Plaisir - athletes, the return journey by train is recommended.

Night trail: On the 5 km long night trail in Trun you glide along in the floodlights on 6 weekdays. (Monday to Saturday) from 18.00 – 21.00.

Sunlike trail: On the 3.5km long Circular Trail Salaplauna-Rieven you can do laps as often as you like.

training trail: The 1.5km long circular trail in Fontanivas is already covered with snow at the beginning of winter and is ideal for training.

trail report: www.nordic-surselva.ch (In case of lack of snow, it is possible that only individual sections of the trail are open)

Segnas trail: If snow conditions permit, a circular trail of about 5 km is also prepared in Segnas.






Refreshments in Surrein



In mid-winter, the majority of the trail is in the shade.


At the cross-country ski trail entrance in Disentis we follow the signs downhill in the direction of Trun. Or in Trun in the direction of Disentis. But we can also stay in Disentis and do some loops. The same goes for Trun.

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