Alp Soliva near Curaglia

17.1 km
6:00 h
1165 mhd
964 mhd
Blick auf den Tödi von der Alp Soliva
Start in Cavardiras

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Casa Purila in Cavardiras
Through forests and alpine roses, over pastures and Alps, along with an unusual view of Disentis
Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2180 m
Lowest Point  1029 m
Best Season

Start Disentis
Destination Curaglia
Coordinates 46.704993, 8.85455


Our hike takes us from Disentis station to the opposite side of the valley to the year-round inhabited village Cavardiras. First on a forest road and later on a hiking trail we quickly gain height and we can always take a look at Disentis between the fir trees.

It will be exciting when we reach the top of the Bova Gronda. Here a mighty rockfall in 1689 caused great devastation. He destroyed the hamlets of Brulf and Valentin and 22 people died. For three hours, the mountain fall jammed the Rhine; Fortunately, there was no tidal wave.

After this demolition point, the forest gradually clears and we hike through alpine rose trees until we arrive on the round top of the Alp Soliva. The view is fantastic, the glaciers of the Oberalpstock and the Tödi are flashing. The meadows are littered with flowers and invite you to take a nap, it is quiet and peaceful, only from time to time we hear the bells of grazing cows.  

Again on the way, we hike downhill past the Alp Soliva, followed by a shady forest and soon we see the houses of Soliva. We sit briefly on the bench in front of the small chapel before taking the last piece to Curaglia under the hiking boots. From Curaglia, the post bus takes us back to Disentis.


Let a taxi take you to Cavardiras. Shorten the tour by about 1 hour


From Disentis station we follow the roads to Cavardiras. Here begins the forest road to Caischavedra from where a hiking trail leads to Alp Soliva. At the highest point 2178 we choose the path downhill and we pass the alpine hut. In front of the forest we continue in the same direction to Soliva. Below the chapel, the trail leads down to Curaglia.

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