Bornengo - Trail

26.4 km
5:40 h
1572 mhd
1444 mhd
Zwischenhalt Cadlimohütte
Kleiner See am Bornengopass

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Val Maighels Richtung Norden
Dream route from pass to pass: From Lukmanier to Oberalp
Technique 4/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  2741 m
Lowest Point  1910 m
Best Season

Start Lukmanier Passhöhe
Destination Oberalp Passhöhe
Coordinates 46.563432, 8.801175


We start with a few loose meters along the south bank of the Lai da Sontga Maria, the reservoir at the Lukmanier Pass. At the end of the lake we turn right and follow the hut path to Capanna Cadlimo. The first 300 meters of altitude are still crisp, but then they are evenly distributed, so that we can quickly find our rhythm and enjoy the lonely valley with the picturesque wetlands. At the Cadlimo Hut we reached the first "peak" of the route. Perfect for a break with coffee and cake. But eyes on, especially in autumn, from the terrace of the hut are often to be observed ibex. 

From the hut, a short descent into Val Canaria requires our concentration before we turn north and return to Graubünden via the Passo Bornengo. We are only briefly distracted by the original stone male colony at the Maighelspass, because we only make a rest at the clear blue Lai Urlaun below the Maighelshütte. 

It goes uphill again, after 30 minutes we reach Lake Toma, the source of the Rhine. However, until we reach the highest point of our round, the Pazolastock, we still have to bite a little bit. For this we are rewarded with a dream view into the Surselva and the Urner Alps. The descent over Las Puozzas is easy, on the Oberalp pass we receive the highest lighthouse and two restaurants, where we spend the time until the departure of the train to Disentis.

variant: After Lake Toma on a direct route to the Oberalp Pass


Im Juli kann beim Bronengopass noch Schnee liegen. siehe Webcam:



Wir folgen dem signalisierten Wanderweg zur Cadlimohütte. Nach der Hütte Abstieg und Wiederaufstieg, signalisiert mit Oberalppass und Maighelshütte. Bei den Steinmännern im Val Maighels weiter talwärts. Auf der Höhe Maighelshütte zweigen wir auf den Vierquellenweg Nr. 49 ab. Beim See können wir direkt zur Badushütte hoch oder einen Bogen um den See herum machen. Ab Badushütte folgen wir dem Wanderweg zum Pazzolastock und zum Oberalppass.

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