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"Honey of the Alps" - Tasting & Honey Menu

"Honey of the Alps" - Tasting & Honey Menu


08.10.2022 at 16:00 o'clock
Tasting CHF 20 (not applicable when purchasing the book «Honey of the Alps»)
Honey dinner menu CHF 98, drinks accompanied by CHF 48
By mail to: info@medelina.ch
4.00 pm Honey tasting
6.30 pm Honey dinner menu
Hotel Medelina

Do you know that each honey vintage has its own character? That beekeepers in the Alpine region can obtain around 50 varietal honeys? For example, heather honey from Graubünden, wild lavender honey from the Western Alps, dandelion honey from the Chiemgau or bastard doigo honey from Friuli. Like no other food, honey is closely related to the landscape in which it is obtained.

Sylvan Müller, photographer and co-author of the award-winning books "The Culinary Heritage of the Alps", comes to medelina and reports on the "Honey of the Alps": beekeepers, varietal honeys and their landscapes. The fourth volume of the book series presents all alpine varietal honeys of the Alpine region and describes the stories about the change in honey production and the people who deal with this unique product. Link to the book.

In addition to the book, he also has various varietal honeys from the Alpine region in his luggage, the variety of tastes of which can be discovered at the honey tasting at 4 pm. A beekeeper from the region will also be there and report on his work with the bees.

The medelina dinner menu for this occasion is all about the characteristic food. Our chef Sven creates a 5-course honey menu and shows that honey does not only cut a good figure on the sandwich.


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