Lag da Laus - Trail

20.3 km
3:00 h
887 mhd
884 mhd
Lag da Laus

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From Disentis to Lag da Laus
Technique 3/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1671 m
Lowest Point  968 m
Best Season

Start Disentis Railway Station
Destination Disentis Railway Station
Coordinates 46.705526, 8.856485


From Disentis station, we walk along the little-used road to Cavardiras, a picturesque village that is still inhabited all year round. We change to a natural road that leads us in wide arches to the Maiensässen of Caischavedra. This is where the single trail begins, which requires a certain degree of caution when crossing the streams Dargun da Pardomat and Dargun da Falens. Because Dargun means on German dragon: And like dragons, these two otherwise rather harmless mountain streams can behave after heavy rains.  The Lag da Laus is turquoise in a hollow, surrounded by meadows and forest. Those who need a cooling refresh erasure in the clear water, which, however, does not reach a bathtub temperature even in midsummer. 

At the eastern end of the lake we follow the hiking trail, which leads us downhill to Laus, which also has a few inhabitants. From Falens we cross a shady alder forest and via the fractions Pardomat, Madernal and Disla we return to the starting point.

For the last "stutz" from Brulf to Disentis, we have to mobilize the last reserves.


Tip by Nina Zoller: Don't forget your bathing suit in summer – bring some time in October and listen to the roar of the deer at the Lag da Laus!


From Disentis we follow the trail towards Brulf and Cavardiras. Here the signposted hiking trail, which leads mostly over a road, branches off to the Maiensässen Caischavedra. After the Maiensässen we branch off eastwards on a hiking trail to Lag da Laus. After the lake, a hiking trail continues eastwards until we meet a road again, which we follow to the village of Laus. From Laus, turn off onto the hiking trail to Sumvitg. In Falens we turn off on a road westwards, which leads to Pardomat Dadens. Here we change the Rhine side. At Madernal we turn left onto a hiking trail that ends in Disla. Along the Rhine we walk on a road to Brulf and on to Disentis station.

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