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Lai Urlaun

Lai Urlaun
Lai Urlaun gegen Süden mit Piz Borel

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In addition to the Lai Urlaun, there are two other small lakes in Val Maighels.


The Lai Urlaun is the largest of the three moorland lakes in Val Maighels. It lies below the Maighelshütte and is occupied by seesaiblingen. In the early hours of the morning you meet fishermen here, later numerous hikers or bikers pass by the lake, who follow the four-source trail or the bike route number one. 

On the moist mats, orchids, cock-foot or woolly grass bloom in summer, but you can also find dry places for a picnic, with a view of the Piz Borel with the Maighels Glacier.

Hiking time: From Oberalppass, 1.5 - 2 hours

Opening hours

From mid-June the lake is snow-free, but you can still meet snowfields all around.


Public Transport

By train from Sedrun or Andrmatt to the Oberalp Pass. Hiking time from Oberalp Pass approx. 1.5 hours


By car from Sedrun or from Andermatt to Oberalppass.


Free parking on the Oberalp Pass


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