Alpine Pass Medel (Lucmagn)

Lukmanier Pass

Passhöhe mit Stausee


The name Lukmanier derives from the Latin lucus magnus, the "big forest".

The discovery of a Roman coin treasure near Malvaglia indicates that the pass was already committed at that time. It first flourished in the Franconian Empire, when the monastery of Disentis was founded at the beginning of the 8th century. In 1374, the monastery built a hospice dedicated to St. Mary below the pass height. In 1964, the hospice and chapel had to give way to the reservoir. Both were rebuilt on the pass road. The new hospice was inaugurated on August 1, 1965.

Opening hours


Public Transport

With postbus from Disentis to the top of the pass (mid-June to mid-October)


By car from Disentis to the top of the pass


Parking at the hospice (free of charge)


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