Recreation close to nature.


Camping Viva

Hidden below Rueras is one of the most beautiful spots in the village. An open and sunny area, protected on three sides by mountains and coniferous forests and cooled by the young Rhine. Here you can cool off in the fresh mountain water, roast a sausage on the fire, collect blueberries in the forest or conquer the large playground for hours. This idyll has always been a meeting place for recreation for locals and guests.

This is also the home of the «Naturcamping Viva». A campsite that distinguishes itself from other campsites with its sustainable operation. Its area is very close to nature and offers several meeting points. The infrastructure is also lovingly designed with many small details and you will be well informed about activities in the region here.

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Campingplatz bei Sonnenaufgang

Camping site «Viva»

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In the restaurant, Nicole and Ursina serve a variety of shorleys, selected wines and lovingly cooked dishes. Out of love for nature and the guest, they cook with local and seasonal products. The menu is small, the dishes extra fine. From the raised terrace you look out over the pastures to the mountains opposite. You also have a perfect view of a smaller playground with sandpit to the right of the restaurant from your table, and if you need some entertainment, you can watch the hustle and bustle of the campsite. With this view and the relaxed atmosphere, the aperitif with Bündnerplättli, the after-work beer or a Capuns tastes particularly good. When the temperatures are cooler, the soapstone stove is heated up. In the cosy restaurant with its large window front, you can also enjoy nature indoors.

Access to the campsite is via the Via Prau Cumin road. From the village of Rueras it is only a 5-minute walk. You can still watch farmer Daniel's donkeys. The exact opening hours of the restaurant and campsite as well as the reservation form can always be found on the website.