Oberalp Bike

28.9 km
5:00 h
1286 mhd
1286 mhd
über den Pass Tiarms
von Rueras nach Selva

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Am Golfplatz vorbei
We experience the Rhine up close and from high up
Technique 5/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2158 m
Lowest Point  1341 m
Best Season

Start Sedrun
Destination Sedrun
Coordinates 46.679114, 8.772199


We roll loosely down to the Rhine, to the other side of the valley. Mostly along the Rhine we drive past the power plant and the campsite to Selva. On both sides of the way, golf will be played, but nothing will happen to us. There are experts at work!  After the golf course we may have to push the bikes a few meters in altitude if we do not want to switch to the main road.

About Tschamut we meet a hiking trail, which is almost affectionately called the Senior Citizens' Trail by the locals. But this probably only applies downhill, because the path pulls along the railway line quite nicely. From time to time it rumbles when a train rolls through the semi-open gallery.

On the onward journey from the Oberalp Pass to Sedrun, we share the path with the hikers who are on the Senda Sursilvana No. 85. Forbearance and forbearance facilitate the sharing of the trail.

In Milez , the nice landlady of the mountain hut Las Palas supplies us with food and drink. Replenishing reserves is recommended, because from the Alp Mulinatsch it goes up a bit hearty until we reach the height of Liets. Down through the forest to Alp Malamusa on the other hand, it sweeps tremendously! After passing the Milar stream, we always finish the tour nicely above the valley floor to the starting point.




The Alphütte Las Palas on Milez is open in fine weather. Observe rest days



From the golf course in Selva you can avoid a bit on the road, which allows you to avoid the single trail ascent to Tschamut.


In Sedrun along the main road to the Junction Surrein, turn right to Surrein. Turn right again in Surrein, pass the power plant on the left and turn left before the playground. In Selva through the golf course and on a single trail to Tschamut. At the end of Chamut towards the railway station, but before that turn left onto a hiking trail. Before the Oberalp Pass a few hundred meters on the Kantoinsstrasse to the top of the pass. Then turn right to the pass Tiarms and everything on the hiking trail NR 85 towards Sedrun.

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