Sedrun - Disentis

9.1 km
2:30 h
40 mhd
369 mhd
Im Hintergrund Piz Muraun
Bahnviadukt bei Bugnei

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The most popular winter hike on the sunny side of the valley and along the railway line to Disentis.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 1/6
Highest Point  1446 m
Lowest Point  1136 m
Best Season

Start Sedrun train station
Destination Disentis train station
Coordinates 46.680893, 8.769046


After the railway station in Sedrun, we take various less-travelled district roads to Bugnei. We are now on the most beautiful part of the hike. On a sunny, wind-protected slope running along the railway line, the trail now takes us to the picturesque village of Mompé Tujetsch. Along the way, there are lots of spots to rest on a bench or enjoy the sun. From Mompé Tujetsch we have a magnificent view of Disentis with its stunning monastery. After an easy descent, we reach Segnas where we make a brief stop in the Ustria Cresta. We continue on through Cuoz to the Disentis railway station. You can use any four stops of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn between Sedrun and Disentis to return to the starting point at any time. This hike is also very beautiful in reverse.


The valley hike is suitable for families with small children who don't like to walk for long stretches. We then pick up a sled. The gentle incline makes it easy to pull the sled and there are even small downhill slopes for a bit of fun along the way.


Common in spring are icy spots in the morning and wet spots in the afternoon caused by melting snow. If you hop on the train at an unstaffed stop, you can buy a ticket from the conductor.


From the Sedrun railway station, we head in the direction of the indoor public pool and then along the district road to Bugnei. It is here that the hiking trail starts, running along the railway line to Segnas. In Segnas we head right under the Ustria Cresta to the left and then to the right in the direction of the village district of Buretsch. Here we branch off to the left towards Cuoz where we follow the main road to the sports centre. The footpath branches off down to the railway station at the stream.

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