Seminar - Being a woman with pleasure

Experience Seminars in Catrina Experience with the topics of activating self-love and trust in the original trust. Registration: info@catrina.swiss or +41 81 920 30 40


26.06.2021 to 27.06.2021
on Saturday, Sunday
Beide Seminare CHF 370.-
Nur Basis-Seminar am Samstag CHF 220.-
Wiederholer: Energieausgleich-Rabatt von 50%
Catrina Experience Package: CHF 200.-
1 Übernachtung im Catrina Hotel
1 Frühstück, 1 Nachtessen,
2 Lunch sowie Getränke (Wasser, Tee, Kaffee..) ,
Gipfeli oder Früchte während dem Seminar.

You will receive a light bouquet of flowers with experienced wisdom – authentically love and joie de vivre is conveyed – Energetic connection of the heart with the inner child. You can then activate this wonderful feeling at any time! What else awaits you in these experience seminars: What is SELF-LOVE? ➢ How does SOCIETY work? ➢ What made me like I AM? ➢ What does it mean to live in BEING? ➢ How do I find my ORIGINAL TRUST? ➢ With the golden key activate self-love and basic trust! ➢ In addition: The mind is allowed to go to sleep, can be called up within seconds! ➢ NEW: and very powerful: Anchoring a new birth of the SOUL! ➢ NEW: Doubts are resolved energetically! Self-love can Dissolve various: ➢ anxieties? ➢ Pain? ➢ Self-doubt? ➢ Daily stress? ➢ Restless sleep? ➢ Bad thoughts? ➢ I can be myself again! when: Saturday from 11.00 to 17.00 Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00


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