No pain, no gain.

Mountain bike

Cordial beinvegni: If you get on your bike in Disentis Sedrun, you will discover alpine routes, original trails, rustic mountain villages and Rhaeto-Romanic culture on over 300km of signposted routes. 
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Catrina Flowtrail

Catrina Flowtrail

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Bike Flowtrail Disentis

Cheaper on the trails.

ASD day and multi-day tickets for bikers

Holders of the «Carta d'aur» guest card benefit from a 50% discount on day and multi-day tickets for bikers from the Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis mountain railways.

Improve skills.

Bike schools

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Logo Meinasendas
Meinasendas Bikeschool
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Bikeschool Cadventure
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Bikeschule Luny on Tour


E-bike charging stations

Discover the charging stations in Disentis here.

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Skills Park

Catrina Skillspark

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Pumptrack in Sedrun


The Catrina Pumptrack can be found in Sedrun next to the Dulezi multi-purpose hall in summer 2022.

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Runda Claustra

Menu for Cyclists

Grisons serves 12 courses. Disentis Sedrun serves appetizers, main courses and desserts. A guata!

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