Sedrun Disentis Tourismus SA

The team of Sedrun Disentis Tourism introduces itself and reveals special highlights of the region.
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Pascal Schär | Managing director ad interim
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Bürgi Nils
Nils Bürgi

Produkt- & Eventmanager SDT
Familie | Wandern | Nordic | Golf

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Remo Eberle
Remo Eberle | PM Bike
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Flavia Berther | Teamleiterin
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Nadia Venzin
Nadia Venzin | Guest information Sedrun
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Miriam Hodel
Miriam Hodel | Guest information Sedrun
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Leslie Flury
Leslie Flury | Guest information Disentis
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Heidi Meier
Heidi Meier | Guest information Sedrun
Nadia Wandern

Experience Tip.


Hiking is my great passion. In nature, walking through a herd of cows, goats or sheep, hearing the bells and just breathing deeply - pure relaxation. How about the Péz Ault in the beautiful Val Medel? Behind you the Medel glacier, Péz Muraun, Péz Cazirauns and Péz Caschleglia - simply dreamlike, this view.

Miriam Skifahren

Experience Tip.


My greatest passion, since my childhood, is the snow.

Thanks to the entire Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis ski area, I can now pass this passion on to my family and share it with them. There are slopes for all members of the family.

My youngest child loves to spend his days in Valtgeva. It's an ideal place for younger children and beginners who want to learn how to ski. The older son, who wants to discover the mountains, likes the slopes from Cuolm Val to Dieni.

Heidi Kamera

Experience tip.


On my hikes, my camera is always there to capture the beauty of the mountains and nature. My favourite place is the “Hexensee”. Preferably early in the morning, when the whole mountain scenery is reflecting in the water.

Leslie Langlauf

Experience tip.


Hiking with my family, whether summer or winter, is one of my biggest hobbies. My insider tip for a family hike is from Chamut via the golf course Selva to Sedrun or, if you wish, even further. In Rueras at the camping area is a nice playground with a barbecue area, and a little further in Surrein, the bathing lake “Lag da Claus” provides some cooling. This is an ideal place for a lunch break. My favourite place, or rather our favourite place, is past Runcahez in the Val Sumvitg. Beautiful and inviting you to simply be and enjoy.