Local Specialties.


Restaurant La Cruna (Foto: © Sedrun Disentis Tourismus SA, Mattias Nutt)
Do you know our specialities such as Capuns, Maluns or the well-known Grisons nut cake? A delicious platter of local Grisons meats and Alpine cheese provides the perfect culmination to any hike or skiing day. And if you fancy a night out in Disentis Sedrun, you have a wide choice of fantastic bars and outstanding restaurants.
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Enjoy. Restaurants in Disentis Sedrun

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Hofladen in Disentis (@Mattias Nutt)

Local and Regional. Farm Stores

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Video of dinner at Lake Toma - the source of the Rhein:

Watch Das SPEKTAKULÄRSTE Capuns Essen der Welt? on YouTube.