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Rope Park Curtin Medelin
Disentis Sedrun offers everything a climber could wish for. Whether sport climbing, alpine multi-pitch tours or simply family-friendly via ferratas. From 2-hour pastimes in the adventure rope park to alpine tours lasting several days in the Swiss Alps. 
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Curtin Medelin

Adventure rope park. Curtin Medelin

Lots of fun and adventure with climbing, rappelling, zip line rides over the gorge, shimmying and balancing over suspension bridges and up a via ferrata.

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Ten valuable tips that will make you a better climber.

1. use your feet
2. learning how to fall properly will increase your confidence as a beginner
3. do not give up
4. look for a climbing partner you trust
5. listen to experienced people as a beginner
6. talk to your climbing partner
7. stretch your arms through
8. as a beginner, invest in decent equipment - especially climbing shoes
9. take your time
10. good advice always pays off for beginners

Accompanied by professionals.

Mountain guides

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Bergführer Andy Müller
Andy Müller
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