Golden times.

Gold panning

Gold your holidays! Because according to unconfirmed sources, there are more gold deposits in, or rather under, the holiday region of Disentis Sedrun than on the entire Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. Let our gold panning professionals introduce you to the craft and take your very own souvenir home with you after a successful search.

The gold panning pros

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Gold digging in Disentis
Gold panning with Gold-Gusti

Gold-Gusti can already be called a Swiss gold digging legend. He has been searching for gold for several decades. In 1996 he found the Desertina nugget in the Medelser Rhine.

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Gold panning with aurira

Local gold panners from aurira will accompany you on your search for the coveted precious metal and will be happy to help you to get your very own souvenir.

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Goldwaschen mit Stefan
Gold panning with Stefan

In his gold panning camp, you will experience an unforgettable day of gold panning. Under expert guidance, you will learn how to pan for gold in the wild and romantic landscape of the young Rhine.

Gold panning in Disentis Sedrun

Would you like to try your luck yourself and look for gold in the young Rhine?

Then please note the following:

Gold panning is only allowed during a certain period and in certain zones.
In Tujetsch you need a gold panning permit. You can obtain this patent from the municipal administration and from our information office in Sedrun. The gold panning law must be observed. You can also get informations at the information office.

Desertina Nugget

The Desertina Nugget

It was hidden in the depths of the Medelserrhein - the Desertina Nugget. Found in 1996 by August Brändle «Gold-Gusti». The nugget weighed 48.7 grams and had a diameter of 2.8 centimetres.  At the time of the find, a Swiss record. So far, it is the largest nugget that has been found in the Medelser Rhine. The Desertina nugget can be seen in the Cristallina Museum in Disentis.