Alpine Pearls

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Alpine Pearls - naturally soft vacations in the most beautiful Alpine destinations.

As a member of the "Alpine Pearls" network, Disentis is committed to environment-friendly tourism. Be it a wellness, outdoor or recreational vacation in the mountains: leave the car behind and experience your vacation the soft way. The total of 19 "Pearls of the Alps" in Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland guarantee an environmentally friendly, culturally diverse and low impact vacation experience through mobility guarantee and other attractive offers.

Soft tourism, environment friendly travel and a high standard of sustainability combined with relaxation and extraordinary nature experiences create a one-of-a-kind getaway!

Alpine Pearls quality assurance

To ensure that climate protection and sustainability do not remain empty promises, 19 resorts in the most beautiful regions of the Alps have set themselves concrete goals and have taken new paths together.


The Pearls of the Alps are places…

  • which invite you to experience gentle eco-holidays.
  • which are easily accessible by train and bus.
  • which guarantee all-round car-free mobility with numerous public transportation options.
  • which invite you to experience new, environmentally friendly recreational/mobility options with top “Premium Quality” guarantee.
  • where pedestrians can enjoy carefree times – far away from traffic noise and exhaust fumes.
  • which offer outstanding services – such as information and consulting – to help you plan soft mobile holidays with ease.  Book your trip with one of the certified Alpine Pearl-affiliated hosts!
  • which preserve their regional, culinary, and cultural heritage

Our partner businesses, the Alpine Pearls hosts, guarantee soft-mobile vacations in the Pearls and offer the best quality and top service for an environmentally conscious vacation without a car. They inform their guests in a particularly exemplary manner about a soft-mobile trip to the Alps and provide assistance with arrival and departure. Of course, our Alpine Pearls hosts also have lots of activity tips for you - that's how soft-mobile vacations work!

Our Premium Pearls are characterized by a special offer, for example, in the field of mountain biking, hiking or cross-country skiing.

Ready for your holidays in Eco-Motion in the alps?

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