Capuns workshop

Awareness of the culinary heritage. Cut the chard leaves in your own garden, wash the chard leaves at the village well in Cavardiras, prepare the capuns dough (finely chop the ingredients: country chives, parsley, chives), wrap the capuns, cook and eat the capuns together.

Information on Capuns Workshop



21.06.2023 until 13.09.2023

Weekday: Wednesday



Age: no minimum age



Children (bis 16 years): CHF 35.-

Adults: CHF 65.-

Included in the price: Capuns workshop, all ingredients, eating the capuns together, water, coffee, capuns recipe and capuns diploma



Meeting place and time: in Cavardiras at 1.30 p.m.

Duration: ca. 4 hours

Equipment: Bringing joy as well as getting to know the culinary speciality of Surselva

Important remarks: The capuns workshop is also available as a veggie version on request.



Registration deadline: Tuesday, 4.00 p.m.

Contact: Manuela Ullram-Schmed, +41 (0)76 310 95 54,,