Chapel Medel (Lucmagn)

Chapel of St. James the Ae., Acla

Acla mit Kapelle
Kapelle in Acla


Building history: The chapel is mentioned for the first time in a visitation protocol of 1658. However, the existing building was relisted around 1850 and rebuilt between 1881 and 1885. Description: The south-west-facing building has a semicircular apse and carries a roof rider. It contains a fragmentary, late Gothic carving altar. The clover-leaf-shaped shrine is filled with bars at the top, which were probably repeated on the wings. On the shrine stands a baroque statuette of St. James. The oil painting next to the choir arch, St. James the Ae. In the tone posture, especially the creily brightened purple red, it recalls the pictures of the apostles in Roveredo and apparently served as an altarpiece of the chapel of Acla before the installation of the carving altar.


Public Transport

Mit dem Zug von Luzern über den Oberalppass oder von Zürich über Chur bis Disentis. Mit dem Postauto in Richtung Lukmanierpass bis Haltestelle Acla (Mitte Juni - Mitte Oktober) Fahrplan



Mit dem Auto von Luzern über den Oberalppass oder von Zürich über Chur bis Disentis. Weiter in Richtung Lukmanierpass bis Acla

Der Oberalppass ist im winter für den Autoverkehr geschlossen.


Parkmöglichkeit in der Nähe der Kapelle.


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