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Fleischtrocknerei Sialm

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Bald sind die Trockenwürste bereit zum Verzehr

Quality production thanks to favourable mountain climate


In 1955, the Sialm meat dryer was founded in Segnas. The Sialm family has always been committed to producing dried meat specialities of the highest quality in a natural way.

Today, Anselm Sialm continues the traditional family business with a lot of passion and care in the second generation.

For the production of purely natural air-dried meat specialties you need first-class quality meat, a lot of time and passion. The flawless pieces of meat are cut correctly, rubbed with table salt and an exquisite spice mixture and placed in containers. After this so-called curing, the meat is first dried in the clear mountain air. Depending on the weather, the humidity is regulated here by opening or closing the windows. During the drying time, the meat is pressed up to six times for 3 days at a time. This causes not only the typical shape of the meat, but also the distribution of the juice in the core to the edge zones. This ensures regular drying of the meat. Each piece of meat is constantly checked and processed for 12 to 50 weeks, depending on its size – a labor-intensive process

Sale: Shop in Segnas, outside opening hours also with self-service refrigerator. In Euro- Spar, Disentis (large assortment) In Volg, Disentis (potato sausage, Andutgel and raw bacon) In Coop Disentis and Sedrun (hirschsalsiz, wild boar sausage and leg ham tranches)In Primo, Curaglia (various peels and raw bacon)

To enjoy: If you order a "Marenda Grischuna" to German in the restaurants in Disentis, a "Zvieriplättli", there is always meat from the meat dryer Sialm with you.

Opening hours


Public Transport

By train from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Segnas. On foot about 15 minutes


By car from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Segnas.

The Oberalp Pass is closed for winter. There is a car transport.


Parking in the village


Trockenfleisch von Fleischtrocknerei Sialm AG

Via Foppas 28, 7186 Segnas

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