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La Caura – goat products from Val Medel


Life with and from the goats has a long tradition in the upper Surselva. The animals secured the income and nutrition of many generations. At the same time, a diverse cultural landscape is created and maintained by keeping goats. In addition to the benefits for the landscape, agriculture with the goats is also of great importance. The Geiss products are diverse: Alpine and mountain cheeses, sausage and meat specialities as well as goatskin and skins are among the most important useful products that come from Geissen. The local initiative "La Caura" has recognized this importance and is actively and with conviction committed to ensuring that sustainable work with goats remains attractive for families. That's why they pay the producers fair prices and only commission regional companies.

In summer, the supply of Alpgeisskäse is guaranteed by the Alpkorporation Puzzetta (the largest Ziegenalp in Graubünden). The Cascharia Brei/Brigels also processes goat's milk outside the alpine season and supplies the region with excellent products.

The various cheese and meat products can be ordered at "La Caura" and are also available in selected small shops.

Products: Geiss cheese,

Formaggini, soft cheese, Ziger, Salsiz, Geiss dried meat, Geiss bratwurst, Gitzi meat, skins and leather, further processed (e.g. key chain, case, purse, chair)

Sale: Butcher Beno Pally, Curaglia, Prima village shop, Curaglia

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Public Transport

By train from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Disentis. By Postbus to Curaglia.


By car from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Disentis. Junction Lukmanierpass. Continue to Curaglia. The Oberalp Pass is closed for winter.


Public parking in the village


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