Lolenpass - Maighelspass

22.4 km
7:30 h
1048 mhd
1062 mhd
Auf dem Lolenpass
Der Weg ins Val Maighels und Richtung Tomasee

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Lai Urlaun gegen Norden

Varied hike over two passes from Val Maighels into the Unteralptal and back again. T2

Technique 2/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  24422 m
Lowest Point  1884 m
Best Season
46.659658, 8.671306



We start the hike at the lighthouse on the Oberalp Pass. On the first section, up to the junction at point 2056, we travel with the Tomasee migratory birds, and then with those heading towards the Maighelshütte. Below the hut, however, we turn right to the Lolen Pass, which is called Pass Tagliola in Romansh.

The Lolenpass is a pleasure. The valley slopes gently to the west. The stream, which is initially just a trickle, receives more and more water and forms mossy areas and small lakes. We reach the first level of the valley and leave the stream to descend in an arc to an alp. From the second level of the valley a zigzag path leads down into the Unteralptal. We are sent back and forth a total of 48 times until we reach the bottom of the valley.

We continue our hike on a road towards the Vermigelhütte. However, we save ourselves the climb to the hut and switch to the hiking trail to the Maighelspass. Things are looking up again. We overcome the approximately 500 meters in altitude at a leisurely pace. On hot days, the reward is a swim in the lake in front of the Maighelspass.

We treat ourselves to a little thrill with the Piogn Crap. We can cross the wild Rein da Maighels in one step, because the water forces its way through a narrow gap in the rock. We see the Maighelshütte in front of us and we are happy to take a five-minute climb to enjoy a beer on the terrace. From the hut we hike back to the Oberalp Pass.


At Piogn Crap, cross the Rein da Maighels in one step, which squeezes through a deep crevice in the rock.


Fairtrail: Hikers share the trail with mountain bikers on certain sections.


Binoculars: We wander through Capricorn territory


From the Oberalp Pass we follow the white/red hiking trail in the direction of Lake Tomasee - Rhine source, which first leads a few hundred meters down the valley along the pass road. A high-altitude trail now leads into the Val Maighels. At the junction at point 2056 we continue south. We come to a road that leads to the Maighels Hut. Below the hut we leave this road and take the hiking trail in a southwesterly direction to the Lolen Pass. We stay on this path until we reach the Unteralp Valley. Once we have reached a road again, we turn uphill until we reach the junction to the Maighel Pass. Now we are back on a hiking trail that takes us past the Vermigel Hut on the left side of the valley. On the Maighels Pass we descend into the Val Maighels and follow the path out of the valley. Once we have reached the small lakes again, we follow the road further down the valley. At the junction that we know from the morning, we turn left on the hiking trail back to the Oberalp Pass.


Public Transport

By train from Lucerne via Andermatt or from Chur via Disentis to the Oberalp Pass

Anreise Information

By car from Lucerne via Andermatt or from Chur via Disentis to the Oberalp Pass


On the Oberalppass

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