Ski touring and freeride planning

Here, you will find all essential information on ski tours and planning at a glance.

Route planning

Prepare for your tour with a topographic map showing information about slope inclination, information from the avalanche bulletin and weather forecast. Those who can live without a tricky slope at times are less likely to put themselves and others in danger. It is one of the duties of every tour - or off-piste skier to look out for fauna and flora and respect wildlife zoning. If possible, do not go on tours alone.
Plan your own tour

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Powder only – Safety first!

You alone are responsible for yourself and for your actions. Therefore, check the avalanche bulletin from the SLF. 
See the avalanche bulletin.

Avalanche bulletin
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Snow tour bus

From Disentis / Mustér to the Lukmanier Pass with the snow tour bus

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Important numbers

Accidents Medical emergency/Medics: 144

REGA: 1414

Emergency call: 112

Alpine weather report: 0900 162 138 (CHF 1.-/min)

Avalanche bulletin: 187 (CHF 0.90/min)

Important websites

These addresses help with the planning and provide up-to-date data on weather, snow conditions and wildlife zoning.

Recognise avalanche danger.

Avalanches pose a major risk when touring off the marked slopes. Tourers should be able to identify the dangers and assess them correctly. Find out in advance about weather and snow conditions in the area.