Source of the Rhine

The source of one of Europe's most important rivers is at Lake Toma. Discover this magical area and learn more about the natural attraction of the source of the Rhine.
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Hiking in Disentis Sedrun
Short hike to Lake Toma
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Tomasee - Quelle des Rheins
Over the Pazolastock to the source of the Rhine
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Wandern in Disentis Sedrun
All hikes at a glance
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Trailrunning & Nordic Walking in Disentis Sedrun

The ultimate challenge. Rheinquelle Trail

The original route of the Rheinquelle Trail premiere in summer 2020

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Leuchtturm Oberalppass

The lighthouse

A lighthouse stands on the Oberalp Pass at over 2000 meters above sea level. But why? And where does it come from?

  • The lighthouse is from Rotterdam. Its original stands in the «Maritiem» Museum. It once stood in Hoek van Holland, where the Rhine flows eventually into the sea. Therefore the lighthouse on the Oberalp Pass stands sybolically at the source of the Rhine.
Wandern zur Rheinquelle
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Experience report.

Hike to the source of the Rhine

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