Holiday resort.


Discover the monastery village of Disentis in summer.
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Restaurants and cafés
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Sports and culture center Disentis
Center Fontauna
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Hofladen in Disentis (@Mattias Nutt)
Culinary specialties
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Disentis und Fontanivas


A place to linger and relax.

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LSB Talstation Disentis

Mountain railway

The cable car goes up to Caischavedra from the valley station in Acletta. In Caischavedra, you will find the mountain station with restaurant and terrace, two playgrounds and fireplaces. Caischavedra is also the starting point for themed trails, hikes, trail running and bike routes.

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Kloster in Disentis

Benedictine monastery

The monastery is the oldest building in Disentis, it is over 1400 years old.

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Spazieren in Disentis

Pram-friendly walkways

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Kapelle Sontga Gada
Churches and chapels

Visit the churches and chapels during a tour.

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Detective trails

Puzzles for young and old detectives.

Disentis facts and figures

Disentis is located in the district of Surselva in the Swiss canton of Grisons.

The municipality has about 2200 residents and in an area of 91 square kilometres. Its official language is Romontsch Sursilvan.

The municipality includes the following hamlets/fractions: Mumpé Tujetsch, Segnas, Peisel, Buretsch, Cuoz, Acletta, Mumpé Medel, Funs, Clavaniev, Latis, Gonda, S. Gions, Dulezi, Raveras, Vitg, Cons, Sontget, Faltscharidas, Chischliun, Disla, Pardomat, Madernal, Cavardiras and Carau.

  • Lowest point: 969 m.a.s.l. (Madernal)
  • Highest point: 3'614 m.a.s.l. (Péz Russein, Tödi)
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Catrina Resort
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Reka holiday village
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Acletta Utoring Appartements
Acletta Utoring and Interhome Apartments